List of Lost Contacts

Charlie Macdonald

royal signals 13 signals 224squad Birgelen
1961,If anyone knows of Charlie Macdonald my tennis doubles partner who won the BAOR open tennis championship with me please contact me.I would love to know if he is still around.
29/04/2016 19:15:12

Terry McGrath

Intelligence Corps
Trained and served with me 1968-70, I then returned to Ashford.
David Smith -
26/04/2016 18:12:18

Teresa Mcguigan

Teresa served as a Medic/Nurse at 13 in 1973, posted to Army Air Corps, Middlewallop near Salisbury in 1974, married a guy called Marsh, that's the last info I have. Gary "Fingers" Rumfitt.
24/03/2016 14:00:49

Andy and Betty Roberts

Intelligence Corps
Together at 13 in 1962 then 9 in 1964/65/66 then again on 9 in 1983. David and Jacqueline Wilson
27/02/2016 19:12:47

Dave Lang (Sgt )

Royal Signals
Last known to be serving at 13 Signal Regt Birgelen; Served with Liz (Lowe) on "Quicksilver" Recruiting Team in 1972. I would love to know your journey through life so far.
18/02/2016 14:52:39

Sue (Susan) Rennie

Royal Corps Of Signals
Served at Birgelen in 1967/1968 where we met and I fell in Love. I ended up a civilian but would love to know what happened over a lifetime to Sue. Tom Waller (DJ NAFFI)
29/01/2016 22:06:18

Colin Knapman

Royal Navy
Trying to trace Colin Knapman (Ex Leading Radio Operator). I believe is served with Colin on HMS Bulwark, as a young radio operator. Trying to find him. Jimmy Green (Ex Leading Radio Operator)
22/06/2015 08:50:36

Roger Phipps

13 Signal Regt
About 1969 to 1971 'B' Troop
John Pryer
22/06/2015 01:23:57

ron collins

royal signals
anyone know the whereabouts of wo2(rgms)ron Collins who was in 9 sigs circa 1973.finished up as a major.require him for a reunion
11/05/2015 16:29:08

Terence Ian Thorburn

Intelligence Corps
New Ian at 13 back in early 1970's. (TIT or Petal as he was usually known.) Any info on present whereabouts gratefully received.
David Ames on
03/08/2014 21:35:01

Sally Oliver

Last contact was in 1990's whilst Sally was in Cyprus.
31/07/2014 17:42:18

Keith Kennedy

Royal Signals
Met him when he was posted back from Berlin to 13 Signals at Birglen back in early '70s. I think he was from Southend.
David Ames on
13/04/2014 18:22:59

Ian Parfitt

Int Corps
Tony Moore is trying to locate former basic training squad mates from Sq 29 at Ashford 1969-70. Ian Parfitt (AN[SI]) was posted to Cyprus 1970 - nil heard since. Grateful for any info
23/03/2014 13:12:38


Royal Signals
Despite an e-mail when the last password was in effect requesting a new password, no password was sent and I can now no longer gain admission to the members area. Please rectify. David Ames
01/03/2014 17:55:23

From Secretary

The request from Col Burns was resolved with help from the BVA. Thanks to all.
12/02/2014 09:15:35

Peter Williams

3 SQDN 13th Signals
I am attempting to reconnect with Peter and Diane Williams. Peter commanded 3 Squadron from approximately 1989 to 1992. If you are in contact with Peter and his family, please have them contact me at
John Burns, COL (ret) USA. (
24/06/2013 23:32:33

Ian Smith.

Still searching for ex "D trooper"1966ish Ian Smith.From Bristol,His father was a J.P.--Posted to Swaziland where he married a local.Any clues?Blue skies,KC.
17/01/2013 16:32:02

Old Friends

Royal Corps of Signals
Would love to hear from friends who remember me. Allen Gould
05/12/2012 22:05:08

Bob & Kim Hodges

I was the the REME armr @ 13 from 73 to 76, & was very good friends of the above, also WO2 Eric Ross and family. Then got posted to an Inf regt up north. Having been back to Birgelen recently and got a shock, it's a golf course ! Thought it would be nice to catch up with those from all that time ago.
Tony Buckland .
31/10/2012 09:00:04

Alan Denton

We were at H troop in 1996, we had our honeymoon there. then we went to 13 sigs for 3 and a half yrs.happy time, I loved it from his wife. Nice kind helpful peaple
20/09/2012 14:47:44

Graham A.R. Roberson

Royal Signals
Both served at 225 Signal Squadron, last seen on his demob (1972) at my home in Quorn.
13/04/2012 17:13:05

Edgar Jones

WWll, army , court reporter for general. He was my cousin and I was just informed of his death he died at age 91 and lived close to me. I am hoping you can provide me any information you can in re: to Edgar Fredrick Jones
Valerie Carr 1-831-212-1023
30/03/2012 04:07:59

Any lads from 3 Sqdn in Berlin 1983-86

Royal Signals or int Corps
Any of the old clan from Berlin who remembers myself Bob Hodgson and wife Anne. Met some at the reunions in Barrow but still never see a lot. Any of the .22 team from these days.
01/03/2012 20:00:30

Ivan Corrie - 13 Sigs friends

Royal Signals
Would like contact with anyone who remembers me ~ Birgelen 1963 - 68.Ivan Corrie @
08/01/2012 23:24:01

Arthur Openshaw aka "Oppy"

Int Corps
Lost touch after many moves, I've a few photos I'd like to share. Barry (Curly) Short
18/11/2011 16:16:59

Mick Gue

Royal Signals
Looking for contact with any ex Spec Opswho may remember me whilst serving in 13 Signal Regiment. Regards Mick Gue
06/07/2011 23:13:23

Lorraine Palmer

Hi Lorraine I saw your name scrolling across the screen and I couldn't believe it! Sue Morgan (nee Thomas/Birrell)
08/06/2011 14:23:31

David Adams

Royal Sigs
12 Wireless Sqn A Troop 1955-57 Anybody from Degerndorf, Bavaria, about? Would be good to hear from you again. I see that Johnny Gaither passed away a few years ago. David Adams
04/03/2011 23:11:17

Rick Wain

Royal Signals
I'm trying to find Rick Wain who was a permanent staff Sergeant at AAC Harrogate around 80-81 and I believe that he was a Spec Op in his earlier career. Scott Squadron is having a reunion this year and we are trying to track down all ex squadron members (apprentice and PS)
25/02/2011 08:46:33

Izzy Kempster

Izzy was married to Dougie who died a few years back. They were with 13 Signals 1976ish.
03/10/2010 19:58:22

Mike Shail

I Corps
Mike, I have not got your new email address. Could u let me have it as I have a contact 4 u. 73 Steve Hodgson.
27/09/2010 13:26:16

Roy Saunders

R.Signals & I. Corp all at 13 Sigs 1965 -68
Looking for Ian McFarlane, John Scotland Duff, Jan Witt, Dave When I think back over the years. I often wonder what became of you all. Where you are now how your life turned out. If you read this just drop an e-mail.
01/06/2010 10:37:52

Ginge Fields

royal pioneer corps
Lost contact after being posted to uk or anyone from the guardroom in 1979-1981
01/05/2010 00:59:54

Bill Sharpe

Hi Dave ames. re Bob Harrison I last met Bob while working at the BBC Monitoring service in Caversham Reading so he might still be living in the Reading area. He married a girl called Helen Whilke I was still there I left there in 1987 so not sure if he is still there regards Bill Sharpe
18/04/2010 15:03:04

Bill Sharpe

Looking for ex 226/223 and 9thSigs colleaguesBill Sharpe ex 55 squad at 224 in 1964 and searching for old mates from above units. I served in them from 1964-1972. Would like to here from anyone who remembers me. Now living in Leiden in the Netherlands. Am also on the Denbury days site but do not see any old boys there. Regards to all who remember me.
18/04/2010 14:55:46

Hughy Fisher

royal pioneer corps
Was postie Nov 1969 onward
14/04/2010 13:22:56

Dave Wilson

Royal Signals
looking for any info on Dave Lucas and Dave Edwards. Both were members of 32 Squad at loughborough 1963. lost contact after that, or let them know they have not been forgotten. Dave Wilson
19/03/2010 09:25:45

David Ames

Royal Corps Of Signals
Looking for Robert (Bob) Harrison Served with Bob in Loughborough (224) and Germany (13 Sigs)1970 - 1973 (ish)Bob was originally from Liverpool. Would be grateful to anybody who has any information about him (past or present)
14/03/2010 19:42:44

Gordon (Jock) Hanson

Royal Signals
Margaret Harrison (wift of Harry) is looking for Jock and has been for number of years last place heard of GCHQ
11/03/2010 10:41:10

Barry Curly Copley

royal signals
Looking for the above.Hav'nt met since 1967.Formally A Troop 13 sigs.Anybody got any info. Regards John[jock]Sorley
04/03/2010 19:31:32

Members of D Tp 2 Sqn 82-85

Great time at 13 wish i could turn back time
28/02/2010 16:55:34

Any & All

13 Regiment
Troops stationed/Housed at Bad Aibling Kaserne from 1960-63. Cpl in charge was Cpl Erwin.
20/02/2010 18:17:27

Cpl Steve Brown

royal signals
Last seen HQNI 1983/85 married to Julie I knew Steve from 14 Sigs in Worcester if your out there mate get in touch Neil Taylor ex Royal Pioneer Corps
12/01/2010 18:19:54

Dave Lucket & Mick Ford.

Royal Corps of Signals
With them both in Cyprus 1965 to 1968 used to Baby sit for us.
03/12/2009 22:26:46

Dickie rostron

Royal Signals
Last saw you when you came to Aberdeen for a job interview. Isabelle and myself wud like to hear from you both again.
22/11/2009 18:51:25

Ian Blake

Royal Signals (9 sigs 1970-72)
Ian if your out there make contact. Bob Bell
22/11/2009 12:24:55

Any MT Troop 13 Signal Regt.1960/1963 1966/1969

royal signals
There must be some knocking about besides Jim Smiley and Cyril Harding.
11/11/2009 20:13:49

Dave Wilson

Royal Signals ( 224 Signal Squadron )
Hi Dave, tried contacting you re 32 Squad, 62 to 63, as I was in that squad, but email comes back as invalid address. Please get in touch.
30/10/2009 10:01:00

Roger & Sandy Coates

Roger worked with me from 1984 till 1986 in Sarawak (Miri) Malaysia as trainer in Proces Instrumentation.
09/09/2009 15:27:08

Trev Hick, Bob Hollwell, Dave(Pancho)Francis,

R Sigs
Any info would be gratefully recieved
13/08/2009 08:53:59

Dave Lucas and Dave Edwards

Royal Signals
Both were members of 32 Squad in Loughborough 1963. Lost touch when they were posted to 9 Sigs Cyprus. Any info would be grateful, or let them know they have not been forgotten.
09/06/2009 10:39:22

Mark Hicks

Intelligence Corps
If you're out there Mark, give us a shout. If anybody else knows where he is please let me know. Also anybody who served H TROOP, 13 SIGS 85 - 90, and 3 SQN 13 SIGS, 82 (ISH) TO 85.
22/05/2009 16:01:02

Anybody who served on C Troop 13 sigs, 78 - 80.

royal signals
I'm notorious for not keeping in touch, and want to make contact with some old friends asap. Larry, Dave, Nick, Yogi, Sam and anybody else for that matter. Maters' beckons.
22/05/2009 16:01:42

Nov,1956 intake,Gallowgate camp,Richmond.York,s

Royal Signals.
Looking for,any of the sprogs who started basic training,Jimmy Brown.Ray smith,EYRE,both of Scotland. Also Roy Axon London I think and any of the other Lads. Les Wooff.
20/05/2009 15:46:12

Dave price

Dave was in integral part of HQ Baltap in 1990. We are having a little reunion and would like to get back in touch. If anyone knows him just mention skaldehojvej!!! (pronounced saldy hoy vey and he will know!!)
14/03/2009 23:13:41

Kathleen Lingley dont know married name

Royal Signals
Please contact , am once again in the desert, Palm Desert California.
10/03/2009 10:05:10

Fred Lima

HiYa This is Frank and Maggie Love To make contact Rgds Frank
28/01/2009 03:58:10