Rules of the Birgelen Veterans Association
1.The BVA is governed by the Royal Signals Association Rules as well as its own. Membership is open to any person who served with 1 Wireless Regiment/ 13 Signal Regiment (Radio) or any of their sub-units, regardless of service, agency, gender, rank or Corps.
Vide Agm, Minute 5, held on 05 October 2008, membership was widened to include the adult child/children/ or dependent of a member over the age of 21 years. This was expanded again vide AGM Minute 10, held on 06 October 2013, to allow wives and partners of members to become members in their own right and attend the AGM with a full vote. (Note: Any wife or partner wishing to become a member would need to pay the £5 life membership fee and apply in their own right to join the association. (See also Fees Rule 8)

2. Non - Internet access does NOT preclude membership of the Association.

3. Members who after a period of 3 months, have failed to respond to emails or have made no contact with the Association during that period will be automatically excluded from BVA membership.

4. It is incumbent upon all members to notify the Association of any change to their E mail address. For Non - Internet members, changes to residential addresses, and telephone number should be communicated to the Association. (See paragraph 3 above)

5. Membership may be permanently revoked by the Chairman in consultation with the Committee if the Webmaster suspends any member who abuses the website by using foul, insulting or abusive language or, who does not comply fully with Association rules.

6. Members should exercise discretion before discussing matters of a sensitive nature relating to their work on the website.

7. The Association exists solely for the benefit of its members and to support as and when it can, any authorised charity. Minute 6e of the 10th Annual General Meeting states that the Chairman and the Secretary be granted the authority to determine, on behalf of the Membership, which charity to support annually.

A non returnable one-off joining fee of £5 (or any such sum as set and approved at the AGM) is to be paid to the Association by all persons applying for BVA membership. This is to be used to off-set the cost of site domain hosting, web site address, postage and general association administration.
Any member whose membership becomes void due to non-compliance of these rule and then re-applies for membership, will be viewed as a first time applicant for fee purposes.

9. Under Minute 6 of the AGM held on 14 October 2007, a non returnable sum of £5.00/person and £5.00/ member will be levied against each member and guest attending the annual reunion in support of the reunion Entertainment/General Fund.(e.g One member + guest = £10.00 etc)

All Members of the Association are eligible for election to the Committee.
a. The Association will be managed and administered by an elected committee of members. The committee may form sub committees of members as appropriate.

The committee may in its absolute discretion invite some person to be President of the Association on such terms and for such periods, as it shall decide. Appointment to
take affect from acceptance of such invitation. The President will have the right to attend and be part of the committee.
AGM 2015: Amendment to Rule 11 carried "Allow Members to vote for a new president at AGM 2016"

Vice Appointments
Members appointed to Vice appointments must be voted into permanent appointments and elected annually as per Rule 13 below.

Composition of Committee
The Committee is made up of the following members:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Chairman
d. Vice Chairman
e. Treasurer/Secretary
f. Vice Treasurer/Secretary
g. Widows Representative
h. BVA German Representative
j. Head of Draw Committee
k. Up to five members in support of events and Entertainment.

Constitution, Election and Voting Procedures
The Committee (other than the President) will be elected annually at the AGM.
a. For the AGM, five members personally present (including the appointed Chairman) shall be a quorum.
b. For any sub-committee three members personally present (including the appointed Chairman) shall be a quorum.
c.Voting at all meetings will be by a show of hands with all matters decided by a simple majority of those present.

Minutes of the last AGM will be posted on the Association web site AGM Minutes Page. Additionally, each member attending the next AGM will receive a copy of the previous Minutes at the next Reunion. These should be read prior to the meeting.

15. Points arising, voted upon and passed at the AGM are binding upon all members and where necessary will be reflected in a change to these rules.

16. Members not attending the AGM may submit matters they wished raised or reviewed, to the Treasurer/Chairman. These should be submitted in writing or by E-mail at least two weeks prior to the published date of the next AGM meeting.

17. Matters relating to the Reunion should be referred to the Reunion coordinators.(Treasurer/Chairman)

Association accounts will be audited the day prior to the AGM. This will be done by the Chairman asking for volunteers from any two members attending the reunion, both of whom must also be attending the AGM.

19. The audited accounts will be submitted by the Treasurer to the AGM for approval by the membership after comments from the auditors.

20. The Treasurer is authorised to make payments up to the sum of £150:00 on Association expenditure. Amounts exceeding this, require the authorisation of the President/Chairman. Only the Treasurer and Chairman are authorised to sign cheques or to authorise any payment on behalf of the Association.
The Treasurer is to forward a certified copy of the audited accounts for the previous year, to the General Secretary of RSA, not later than January of each new year.

Rule Amendments
The Birgelen Veterans Association Rules were approved at the second AGM held at the Trecarn hotel, Babbacombe, on the 22 September 2002. They will be updated as and when required to reflect relevant passed motions at subsequent AGM's. Members are asked to read these and the Terms and Conditions of the Association web site, which can be found on the home page. Continued use of after a change has been made to any Association rule is your acceptance of the change.

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