The Construction and Early Pictures of 'Mercury Barracks'
In 1953 it was decided that the Regiment (which was then No1 Special Wireless Regiment of Northern Army Group, Munster, British Army of the Rhine) should relocate to a permanent location west of the River Rhine.

The site located was near Birgelen on the German/Dutch border. Under the command and dedication of Lt Col P.W Lonnon MBE, the Regiment took up residence and became operational by May 1955.

It was Major General P A C Baldwin CBE, who said:

"In 1951 I was the Adjutant to Lt Col Peter Lonnon in 1 Wireless Regiment in Munster Germany. It was he who designed Mercury Barracks and who fought long and hard to see that the facilities we all enjoyed were provided. The result was, in my view, the best barracks the British Army had anywhere in the world".

The camp was named ‘Mercury Barracks’ (‘Mercure Kaserne’). It was not designated 13 Signal Regiment (Radio) until 1 September 1959.

Most of the photographs were submitted by Don Dearn. Some are his own, others were given to him by the nephew of the late Col Lonnon.

Others were submitted by Alec Morrison, to all, we are grateful.

In addition to the pictures shown below, more pictures of Mercury Barracks can be viewed in the Mercury Barracks Photograph Album on the 'photo's' page of the web site.

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