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BVA Shop
The On-line shop is open for business and is currently offering 3 items. BVA Lapel Pins, BVA T-Shirts in Medium or Large and Poppy Pins. BVA Ties are currently out of stock.

Regimental/Personal Photographs
Have you any photographs of your time spent with the Regiment or any of its sub-units, (224/225/226/10 WTS/12 Wrls Sqn/H Tp/Hogling/Herzo/Comms & Sy Group etc ) that we can publish on the BVA website, I would be pleased to have them. It would also help if you cold send them in their original format (un-compressed and .Jpeg format).We do not have a surfeit of good photographs so anything that you can do to help would be appreciated.

Fraud reduction advice
Keep your PINs and passwords secure – never write them down or reveal them to anyone.
• Avoid using obvious passwords like your date of birth, home phone number or mother’s maiden name.
• Always check your statements thoroughly.
• Destroy bills, receipts and other financial papers, preferably by using a shredder.
• If you move house, have your mail redirected and give your new address to your bank, building society or other financial provider.

• Immediately notify your financial providers if you have been subjected to identity fraud and ask them to confirm that no similar attempt has been made on your investment with that company.
• Ask your financial providers to enhance security on your investments, if you have been subjected to identity fraud.
• If you lose or have your passport or driving licence stolen, immediately contact the organisation that issued it.
• Check your personal credit file from a credit reference agency such as Equifax or Experian and see if it includes any entries that you do not recognise.

In addition to the above watch out for the following:

• Post from financial institutions that does not arrive or you stop receiving post.
• You receive bills or receipts for goods and services you haven’t asked for.
• You receive letters from solicitors or debt collectors about debts that are not yours.
• You apply for state benefit but are told that you are already claiming.

As your personal details have been targeted, you may wish to consider applying for protective registration with CIFAS – the UK’s Fraud prevention Service. For more information, visit and click on Protective Registration or phone them on 0870 0102091 0870 0102091 . In any event, if you have been 'scammed' send the received emails to : emails to

BVA Membership
Do you know of anyone who served with the Regiment but is not yet a member of the BVA, if so, why not encourage them to join.
There will come a time when our membership will start to drop away, so the more we get now the better. I cannot offer any incentive for doing this other than the satisfaction of knowing that we have renewed contact with another member of the family.

Links Page
Wish to advertise your business? As a member, we will advertise it free on our website Links Page.

Did you Know?
Have you ever wondered what that senior officer said about you in that Confidential
Report or when you actually took up a posting, was it June or was it July? Well now you can find out. Write to the:
Administrative Officer, Army Personnel Centre, Disclosure Section 2-Data Protection Cell, Mail Point 515, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX.
Make sure that you enclose a photo-copy of your passport and that you include your regimental number.
After a few weeks you will receive a huge envelope (at no cost to yourself) containing all of the information pertaining to your army career.

Did you Know?
That by applying to the BSTU Berlin that you can find out if Stasi (East German Secret Police) hold any information on you. The website is: (Site can be accessed in English)
Address is: Der Bundesbeauftragte fur die Unterlager
des Staatssicherheitsdienstes der ehemaligen
Deutschon Demokratischen Rebublik
Postfach 218, 10106 Berlin.

Really worth knowing!
Here are some important contact details for veterans and widows

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
Tomlinson House, Norcross, Thornton, Cleveleys, Lancashire FY5 3WP
Veterans Welfare Service (VWS) UK Helpline
Call: 08001 692 277
Armed Forces Pension Office
Contactable through Veterans Welfare Services Manager
War Widows' Association of Great Britain
Call: 08452 412189
Army Widows' Association
Call: 01980 615558
National Association of Widows
Call: 02476 634848
Lady Grover's Fund
The Fund is a Friendly Society which provides financial assistance for medical and home help expenses incurred by dependants of officers, whether serving or retired. Contact 0845 873 7161 or email
Royal British Legion
Call: 08457 725725 (ask for department you need)
Free Travel in London - veterans' concessionary travel in London
Call: 08453 319872 for application pack or to confirm your entitlement
Forces Pension Society - widows can join for half price
Call: 02078 209988
Union Jack Club
Call: 02079 286401