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1. Thank you for your interest in joining the BVA. You are eligible (including siblings who must join in their own right. Please see Rule 1) to join if you served with 1 Wireless Regiment/13 Signal Regiment(Radio) or any of their sub-units.(Subject to Rule 1 of Association rules)

2. Membership is open to all Corps and Agencies, regardless of rank or gender. Although the Association is www based, non-Internet members are not excluded.

3. On joining you agree to read and to abide by the BVA Rules and the terms and conditions of the

4.Other than your name and email address (both of which are password protected) no other information given by you is held in our database or is disseminated to any other member, organisation, commercial or otherwise, without your express consent.

5. Any change of email/residential address, should be notified to the Webmaster/Treasurer soonest, as non contact by any member over a three months period will result in cessation of Association membership. Placing an entry in the Post Message area of the members page or emailing the Treasurer/Chairman will help prevent this.

6. Under AGM Rule 2a, currently a one–off life membership fee of £5.00/member is levied against joining members. This is used to finance the website hosting fee, domain name and general Association administration cost.
This and what we make from our annual reunion draw is our only source of income and and any surplus monies go back to our membership in the form of reunion subsidies or to our nominated charity.
Cheques should be made payable to the Birgelen Veterans Association and sent to the Secretary BVA, (Address TBA).
You are asked to include your full residential address and contact telephone number when corresponding with the Secretary.
Once your subscription has been received, membership procedure will start.

7. Our Association also supports a charity, details of which can be found on the BVA Charity page of this website. You are asked to consider this carefully and to give it any support that you can. If for example you are able to make a Standing Order monthly or quarterly payment of say £5.00, this enables us to sustain and to maintain our charity in the medium to long term. Standing Order forms for such donations are available from the Secretary.
Any donation made would be greatly appreciated.

8. If you wish to proceed, please complete carefully the following application form.

We look forward to having you as a participatory member.

Keith Clarke
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