Birgelen Veterans Guestbook

Trevor Burgess
31/08/2018 15:43:33

John Brown
Hi have a couple of 2 Sqn 9SR ties for your raffle - let me have an address to send them to - Sorry Can't be with you but my thoughts will be with all my old Birgelen Friends
13/07/2018 20:33:51

Barry Sutton
Tried to join 3 times now .At the submit time my entry is rejected with an anti spam note . As a very old member I would like to add memories of the road trip from Gluckstat to Munster in 1950
01/07/2018 18:31:57

jeff flockton
would like to join birgelen veterans asso i joined royal signals feb 8 1960 went to 13 sigs 8/11/1960 then on to raf gatow in berlin until 5/10/62then back to woodhouse loughborough until 29/9 /63 when i came out on a compassionate discharge
12/06/2018 14:43:38

jeff flockton
would like to join birgelen veterans asso i joined royal signals feb 8 1960 went to 13 sigs 8/11/1960 then on to raf gatow in berlin until 5/10/62then back to woodhouse loughborough until 29/9 /63 when i came on a compassionate discharge
12/06/2018 14:41:51

Len Peters
Just got the Data protection letter which prompted me to revisit the site
20/05/2018 09:27:02

Mark Burton
Hi all I was at 13 from 1970-1976 as COs driver, very good times there wish I could set the clocks back.
21/02/2018 15:00:35

Timothy W. Daugherty
I worked with the lads during the summer or fall of 86 on loan from The US Army in Augsburg. Because I was so young, I couldn't appreciate what an opportunity it was to work with such great soldiers from the motherland. We will always stand beside the UK.
20/12/2017 19:25:00

Mike Shail
Dear Keith, By chance I checked on my ex email address ( and saw the newsletter for Nov 2017. As I no longer subscribe to OneTel I could not reply from that email. I have been a member of the Vets for some time. Please could you amend my email to - and our address to Calle Albaricoquero 12K, San Cayetano, 30592 Murcia, Spain. Thank you, Mike and Pip Shail
12/11/2017 10:30:07

Jane and Alec Gaw
1971-73 at 3 squadron,1983-85 at 2 squadron and finally 1985-87 at 3 squadron again. Have happy memories of all sites.
19/10/2017 19:35:23

Tim Wood
Excellent site, brings back so many good memories. Was at Birgelen 1982-84 and 1986/87, also 3 Sqn T'berg in 1981. Happy days!
27/09/2017 20:51:33

Jim Mitchell
Hi all. At 13 from 82 to 86, Spec Op. A Tp. Others there then included Pete Forster, Cas Hayes etc.
14/09/2017 12:41:40

Bob Scott
Haven't heard anything from BVA for over a year. Is it still in existence? Bob Scott.
27/08/2017 16:04:18

Robbie Burns
I have had a stroke and find that a I have lost info on our site. Please send me our current password.
24/05/2017 10:03:54

Jane Hurle
Just browsing, looking for info re Reg Greenwood my father.
26/04/2017 22:39:44

Peter Genge
Lots of good memories on here. Thanks.
06/04/2017 12:05:11

Tom Neal
For Mick Morby. Hi Mick, Do not know how to contact you direct. Have lost all my email addresses and have had to change my address which is as shown above. Also having computer problems. Regards Tom
04/02/2017 11:31:07

Cliff Davey
Nice to see some old names still going.
06/01/2017 20:11:53

Andrew Hamilton
Happy memories 1960-61
31/12/2016 18:29:18

Rick Griffin
Seasons`s Greetings to all ex C Troopers.I was there 1965-68.
22/12/2016 14:31:18

Mike Clarke
I served in 2 Wireless regt from 1956 to 1958
23/11/2016 15:34:25

vincent casados
Fort Devens 1962 1964 Project Southgate (DOD). 320th ASA BN., Bad Aibling.
16/11/2016 21:59:36

Paul Macdonald
I have enjoyed scanning photographs and passing on the details to other ex army contacts. Regards 23944579 MacDonald.
07/11/2016 21:25:12

Len Green
served in 224 and 223 Sig Sqdns 1969-73LANSTT
27/10/2016 14:07:06

James Goodroe
Interesting history. I was one of your Yank counterparts assigned to Augsburg, Germany, from 1973-1975. We had an exchange visitation program with your personnel circa 1974-1975. I still have some photos of some of your people and ours sharing a few (quite a few) beers at the Hofbrau Haus in Munich during that time frame. Cheers.
22/10/2016 08:30:19

CWO3 Hugh Smith US Army (Retired)
US Army Security Agency, Detachment L, Gross Gusborn Germany 1972-1974. I was there when the site was still under construction until the final handover to the British. Very much enjoyed working and having tea with some fine professional soldiers, as well as the trips to the NAAFI
30/06/2016 08:51:14

ken hitchman
My firstvisit
06/06/2016 23:52:12

Roger Clarke

Hi all - as a keen 'reader' of BVA just wondering whether or not the organization is still functional? Best wishes to all.........
11/05/2016 18:22:26

David Smith
Thank God for the internet, who else could we find old collegues!
26/04/2016 18:14:10

Roger Clarke
Hi all - looking to establish comms with Sally Oliver (ex 9 Sigs) - anyone help?
09/03/2016 17:47:50

Elizabeth (Liz) Charlton (nee Lowe)
I am looking through old photographs which prompted me to look up 13 Sig Regt Birgelen (I knew someone who served there in 1976/77/78) Sgt Dave Lang (also served on R Signals "Quicksilver" Team with him) If you read this Dave or anyone who knows you - I hope you are well and happy:-), Liz
18/02/2016 14:48:52

keith Taylor
An ex technician from GCHQ. Thank you for your help. I am trying to find the exact location of the 13 sigs 'H' Troop site at Hitzacker / Dannenberg.
12/01/2016 11:11:02

Michael Dunn
Saw your website when I was searching some old ASA links. Was stationed at FS. Berlin 75-78, FS. Augsburg 83-85 and BAS 94-97. Made a couple of visits to 13th Sigs whilst in Augsburg. Merry Christmas to all.
24/12/2015 18:47:35

Dave Lavery
Retired in Cyprus, enjoying the climate (again! - 9 Sigs) Regards to all. DL
07/12/2015 12:39:37

Maurice Farquhar
I was a techie at 3 Sqn, Tberg and Gatow, 1980-83 and 1988-92. Passed through 13 on courses and for briefing before 88. Nice to see old friends.
01/12/2015 20:36:40

Andrew Snowdon
Brought back many memories
10/11/2015 16:03:04

Derek and Jackie Fowler
Popped in to have a look at photos from 2015 reunion. Will come back for another look later on when more photos have been entered. Glad you all enjoyed it.
02/10/2015 15:50:03

Ron 'scouse' kenny
Hi Looked on this site a few times but never seem to know anyone seems it's all pre 70's I was there '80-'84 last 12months at h troop I was in the mt ,scouse Davies in charge when I first arrived, taff Stewart,jock semple,Jim the gob,Eddie Edwards,banger Leigh anyone remember any of these Thanks Ron
30/09/2015 14:21:37

dick hammock
'D' Troop mid 60's Dave Poole was my troop Sgt, sorry to see he has passed away.
19/09/2015 12:15:33

James Russell
I was in 8606 till it closed in 1957 then in 318th till may 1958
26/08/2015 14:17:48

Mick Crossland
Would love to join served there 2 times in my army career as a spec op
01/08/2015 16:12:11

Liam Stephens
Pad brat, my dad was W02 Barry Stephens. Training wing. I lived in a street called mercury weg. My dad was posted there late 80s and we left in 1992 (I think)
31/07/2015 14:50:32

Ian Curtis
Did Detties at 13 and did various exercises from 14 SR in a Term L/R at Dannenberg
25/07/2015 19:41:47

John O`Meara
Was at Birgelen in 1959, as a relief operator for the AKC. We came under the War Office at the time, with WO`s and Sgts status. For both accommodation, rations and transport. Not sure of the manager at the time, but I had met David Hood when he was a relief manager, possibly else where? Enjoyed my stay at Birgelen, as they were a friendly lot in the WO`s and Sgts Mess, especially after having been with an infantry unit in Essen Kray. I used to go for walks in the woods, opposite the main gate. I was later that year, posted to the Canadians, for a total of five and a half years. In hindsight, the 12 years spent in BAOR, were the best years of my life! I was only 6 years with the AKC in total, the rest as a dependant.
18/07/2015 00:20:18

Peter Perryman
I did my Op. Spec. training at Garrets Hay 1954/5 and afterwards worked at BAOR 1 formerly BFPO 40.I am still in touch with Dave King of Chester. It all seems a million years ago, but good times they were! Cheers, Peter (now in OZ).
23/06/2015 13:27:03

Terry Brenchley
Great site .. good memories, although I spent more time in Berlin and at Langy than in Birgelen! Thanks anyway!!
12/06/2015 22:03:03

Keith Taylor
13 Sig Regt. 1974-1977 B troop Affectionately known as Wally. How are you all doing. Happy days there.
02/06/2015 10:51:09

Karen (was Vincent) now Croad
Just browsing, didn't realise this website existed. Was in 13 Sigs around 76 til 80. Int corps working with spec ops. Is there regular reunions? Would be nice to make contact with some old friends!!
11/05/2015 19:17:43

Syd Johnson
Hi, if anyone is interested I have two tennis trophy cups dated 1963. They were presented for,13th Signals Regt. Tennis Men's Singles Runner Up and Men's Doubles Runner Up. I bought them with other items at a house clearance auction. I would be happy to post them at my expense if interested. Best wishes Syd
01/03/2015 18:28:07

Jonathan Wheeler
My father, Brian Wheeler, served part of his National Service in Degendorf from 1955-1957 as a wireless/signals operator (for example, I recall him saying he listened to many signals during the uprising in Hungary in 1956) . He passed away in 2012 and I am interested to find out what I can about his time in Germany about which he had many fond memories. I have some photographs of him and his friends during that time which I can copy if anyone remembers him.
29/01/2015 12:56:03

Mick Crossland
Interested to know if any of your members remember me
20/01/2015 20:23:58