Regimental   Citation  
The Federal Republic of Germany  

In the spirit of the common task and in recognition of the services rendered in Germany in the cause of peace and freedom 13th Signal Regiment (Radio)
has been awarded the
of the
Federal Republic of Germany

The Federal Minister of Defence
Bonn 2 July 1994


"Fahnenbander" is the name given to the narrow stitched banners or bows which were fixed as decorations or awards to the point or to a cross bar of the "Truppenfahnen" (military flags, standards, colours or guidons)
They were either an integral part of the "Truppenfahnen" from the time of issue or presentation (Banderole) or were subsequently presented in recognition of a particular event or achievement by the Sovereign of the State or Land (Landesfursten) or with his or her consent by another Sovereign or Royal Personage, Head of State, Colonel in Chief or Honorary Colonel etc.
The "Fahnenbander" measures 104 cm x 6 cm,are of vertical construction and are made of silk in the German national colours.
The Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht
The Reichswehr (the German Forces after World War 1) did not carry "Truppenfahnen".
In 1936 the Wehrmacht received "Truppenfahnen" but did not embellish them with "Fahnenbander".
In 1965 the Bundesprasident of the Federal Republik of Germany presented battalions and certain formations of the Bundeswehr with "Truppenfahnen" in the German national colours of black, red and gold and emblazoned with the "Bundesadler"(German Eagle) as an "outward sign of the mutual performance of duty in the service of the people and the state".
The "Truppenfahnen" are the same design for all units and formations in the Bundeswehr.
Presentation of "Fahnenbander"
The Bundesprasident of the Federal Republik of Germany has agreed, to the proposal of the Federal Minister of Defence to present allied units of battalion or equivalent size upwards who leave the Federal Republik of Germany after five years or more service with a "Fahnenband" in recognition of their services.
The front of the "Fahnenbander"is inscribed from bottom to top with the following text:
Einsatz Fur Frieden und Freiheit.
Whilst the reverse has:
Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1994