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Birgelen Veterans Charity

We are now supporting the Kinderkrebshilfe' Ophoven (Help for Children with cancer) Marienstrasse 32 Ophoven

Ophoven is the second town after Effeld. These towns fall under the governance of Stadt Wassenberg. Ophoven is the home of the Kinderkrebshilfe or the Help for Children with Cancer.

At the AGM held on Sunday 18 September 2011, the President said:

It was my wish that we should have something that linked us to where we were because we are the Birgelen Veterans Association and if we sever our connections with Birgelen then we become just another drinking club. I would like there to be some purpose behind our meetings so that we can still feel Effeld and Wassenberg for example, are within the focal point of what we all take an interest in, but that me and I know that our Chairman and Secretary will make that decision wisely in due course and I look forward to hearing about.

Following on from this, since the closure of the Regiment in 1994, our contact with the local communities and populace have inevitably declined. Thus, not only will we be supporting a most worthy cause, it will help us to establish stronger ties and act as a tribute to all those professional servicemen and women who served there.

Since then we have enlisted the support of the local populace of Wassenberg and John Chudleigh has made contact with the home who have asked us to help where we can by sending donations. They in return have offered to keep us in the public eye by acknowledging our donations via the local press and media.

Their aim is to cut out bureaucracy and to give speedy assistance to children suffering from all forms of cancer.
They also work internationally to promote the coming together of both healthy and sick children to foster a better understanding and to ensure that sick children do not become isolated.

They give direct medical, psychological and outpatient support.
All donations go to support the primary care of the children suffering from cancer and to support their families. They also support a mobile nursing service for which no public funds are available.

Remember that this particular charity was selected for the reasons stated above and to enable us as an Association to:

Support a very worthy cause.

To enable the BVA to maintain a link with the local community

Foster the Anglo/German friendships formed over the 40 year life of the Regiment in Germany.

Our priority now as in the past, is to maintain and to sustain the charity over time and this can only be done with your generous support.
You are kindly asked to give this donation appeal your consideration and as much support as you possibly can.

Cheques should be made out to the BVA Charity Appeal and sent to the Secretary of the Birgelen Veterans Association.(His address is shown further down).
Please note that standing order forms are available from the Secretary This is an ideal way of making a small monthly or quarterly donation; for example paying as little as £5.00/ month or quarter enables Michael and I to sustain and to maintain our charity over time.
Additionally, if anyone has any interesting ideas on how to raise funds for our charity, they would be most welcome.

(Secretary Birgelen Veterans Association


Thank you all.