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Taff Harding (Secretary) Maj Gen. Peter Baldwin (President) Fred Searle (Chairman) and Roger Courtney (Dep Secretary) - Submitted by Ken Bagnall
AGM 2008 - Submitted by Ken Bagnall.
View from the back of the Cavendish hotel
Gala Dinner venue reunion 2008
Steve and Gayle Jarvis
Alistair Dengate Steve nd Gayle
Lorraine and Natalie with John McEwan
Jacqui and Dave Street
Jacqui and Dave Street again
Gayle and Steve supporting the charity
Jacqui Street and Gayle Jarvis
Lorainen and Gwen
Jacqui and Steve again
Steve Jarvis still trying to get that tie adopted!1_08
Alistair Dengate Steve nd Gayle
Gayle Jarvis
Gayle Jarvis and  Alistair Dengate
Gwen without guitar!
Bill Grieve, Keith and Jennie Danby and table
Dave Lawrence and Frank and Dorothy Barton
Dave Poole MBE, Agnes Grieve, Bill Grieve and Jennie Danby
Dusty Miller and John Francis MBE
Fred and Clive looking astounded at the technology
Fred bestowing membership on Natalie Hickman and Lorraine Bone

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