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Members can read the Review of Torquay 2018 by Dave Lawrence. Also, the notes from the informal meeting held to discuss future reunions.

Was this our last year at the Cavendish Hotel?

This site is primarily for the benefit of its members. It facilitates contact between those who served with: 1 Wireless Regiment, Munster, 13th Signal Regiment(Radio) Birgelen and their sub-units. Application for membership of the association is open to all personnel and their families.

After an 18 year span and an aging membership it was decided in September 2018 to dissolve the Association and Committee Officers as a formal entity and to continue on an informal and voluntary basis.

In order for the Association to continue to function a number of Members have volunteered to perform the essential functions. A list of the Volunteer Members is shown below.

BVA Volunteer Organisers
Webmaster Michael Morby
Secretarial Gwen Sangster
Financial Michael Morby
Membership Michael Morby
Reunion Committee Coords Keith Clarke
Reunion Organiser Jeff Jephcote
Reunion Organiser Gwen Sangster
German Rep John Chudleigh

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